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Ambushes! Book of War to the Rescue! (or How Players Make My Campaign Better)

Back in October, the players in my Etinerra campaign ran into an ongoing skirmish-ambush by roughly twenty Goblins. Nasty little buggers, those goblins, as they used cunning "scoot and shoot" tactics to pick away at the players. It kinda ended up looking like this:

(Take that, Tucker's Kobolds!)

Anyway, on the campaign email list, a player kicked off a discussion of how the ambush seemed to bog things down. Not that they objected to the idea of being skirmished against, but that pausing to roll the individual rolls seemed to slow things down - who hit, who missed, what was the damage taken. It was a great discussion with some ideas like:

Average the Armor Classes of the party and roll against that. Assign damage either randomly or somehow spread out.Use a d1000 (!!!) chart to figure out who hits what I asked the players what mattered more to them in these sorts of situations where they might be outnumbered and the feedback was overwhelmingly that they wanted to keep the g…

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