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Library D&D - Session 1 - Kobolds! Zillions of Kobolds!

I hosted my first session of 5th Edition D&D at a local library this past Wednesday. The game takes place in my (mostly) OSR campaign world - Etinerra. The game was a "drop in" kind of game, if someone wanted to play, they got to pull up a chair, given a pregen and set of dice and GO!

I had a total of 7 players, ranging in ages from 7 to probably mid 30s. In the brave party were:

An elven princess fighter, named Daisy (my granddaughter)A human princess fighter, named Emma (my OTHER granddaughter)A human fighter, named Mad MartiganA human rogue, named MathiasA halfling rogue, named DobbyA human cleric, named DeannaAn elven wizard, named Spyro

I had intended on taking pictures during the game, but of course, trying to DM with 4 children under 14, one excited 16ish year old boy, 2 adults... it was interesting. Fun! Here's the highlights:

The party, traveling in a caravan agreed to help Simon, the merchant who hailed them down, to recover his wagon from kobold bandits.Kobo…

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